Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I go mute from here

I go mute from here
either to come back,
with a bang nowhere heard of
or, to go down and out
without even the whimpers of a rabid dog...

Life's not meant to be lived
in penury - of either the pocket o the mind.
Life's such a precious gift
its meant to be made grand
the grandness to be crafted; lived upto...

Forever a hi-flier have I been
flying high and fast is what I've loved
Agreed, I did get stuck
for a few days, in the muck of a 'second-grade' life
but the shackles are all mine, only to break...

For even if life means me to lose
lemme jst show it the life in me
A lot it takes for one to succeed
A lot is what I've pledged to give
All I ask you, o Lord, is in me...to believe.

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